Attractive brand portfolio



POLICE — You decide who sets the tone. The slogan is “My Game My Rules”. POLICE gives you the tools to conquer the scene with a collection that is both striking and compelling. Adventurous products in Italian design underline your appearance and captivate those around you. Bold shapes combine with the clear lines of POLICE to create a diverse range of watches and jewellery that will surprise even the self-proclaimed kings of fashion. Keep your own flag flying high and savour your victory — with Police.



Since its foundation 1963 in Biel, the Swiss watch brand HANOWA has stood for a unique design language combining timeless and modern elements. Each HANOWA creation conveys special attention to detail and offers high-class Swiss-made quality at an attractive price. HANOWA focuses on elegant and fashion-oriented ladies’ models. The Swiss Cross in the logo bears witness to the standards of quality upheld by Hanowa.



The Swiss watch brand SWISS MILITARY HANOWA is globally renowned for its winning combination of Swiss craftsmanship and has strong expertise in the fields of sport, performance and lifestyle watches. High-quality materials as well as a stylish variety of colours and shapes make these timepieces unique and ideally suited to individualistic, quality-conscious lifestyles.


Wherever the day’s path on the Modern Trail may lead, Timberland’s watch collections will help you celebrate your adventures in spontaneity. Redefining the outdoors and bringing it closer to the city, Timberland offers all-day versatility for outdoor performance. Varied leather materials and design elements that are rugged yet unexpectedly refined, give adaptive style for the active urban lifestyle for those who seek adventure.


GANT is a brand born on the American East Coast and raised in Europe, built on innovation and quality with a strong focus on shirtmaking. The buzz on the university campuses in the 1950s helped propel the brand forward to become the “Original American Lifestyle Brand”. Still today, GANT is the original in American sportswear with European sophistication. 

GANT Time’s collection is designed to balance the brand’s elegant leisure lifestyle heritage with the fast-paced needs of today’s business and sports customer.